Latest News

We are entering our 8th year of trading with Hare & Forbes and Herrod Motorsport. 
We have expanded our range of stock to cover the growing demand for reliable machines and the backup and tooling required to keep them going. Our in house display range of  Drilling/Milling  machines now includes 15 different models priced from $445 - $4995 in 240v and 415v rated from Heavy Duty to Industrial.
Our range of Measumax products and Alcock HSS Tooling has expanded  with the demand and we have introduced our new range of Industrial Tooling Cabinates and Specialist Work Stations now on display in our Darwin showroom.
We have introduced the Alcock Range of  HSS Drilling & Milling tooling with a full range of  Drills, Slot and End Mill Drill Sets. The HSS Tapershank Drill sets we have offer replacements bits and we stock a wide range of individual popular size bits and accessories to suite now including Electric Drill Sharpeners.
Top Gear Challenge to the Title of "The Best Ute In the world".
Heres our Car in action on Utube against a GT3 Porsche at Hidden Valley.
Our New FG Supercharged  BOBS 400 Shop Ute.
Built to the same Herrod Proto 8 specs:  Harrop racing brakes with 370mm front rotas, full  suspension upgrade, twin SS sports exhaust  capped off with black tips, de-badged, black grills, black Ceramic Coated 20" rims with 9 1/2"  rears. We ran it up with the Ford tune and put out 260rwk stock. We installed the SCT X3 Tune box, tuned it and ran up 344.3rwk with only 800k on the clock. We sent it to Herrods for a bottom end upgrade with water cooling to the intercooler and it pulled 414rwk to this stage. The Factory 8" wide rear tyres are not good enough to handle even 300rwk so the big rears are essential.
We have developed our  Ceramic Coated rims with great results to date and currently doing the same upgrade to several clients cars including a Black GS Sedan for the full Herrod upgrade including our custom GT stripes and front splinter.
For our BA & BF clients we have developed a Package of PBR Brakes with big Slotted Performance Rotas, Competion Pads, Braided Brake Lines and red Ceramic Coated large piston Calipers installed for $3,500 complete.
We are now doing Log Book servicing for our Ford clients, we only use genuine Ford filters and quality Castrol oils. Our extensive in-house range of Lubricants includes quality Wynns and Castrol products, the range has recently been extended to cover popular Motorcycle requirements. Special thanks to "Nico", R.I.P. Mate.
Note: Entry is via our client car parking now, unfortunately we had security problems with our front entry.